– Good day Mrs. Dupin, it’s not hot this morning

– Oh, don’t talk to me about that! I had to turn on the heater last night.

– Same with me. It was 14 degrees in the house.

– What can you do, there’s no more seasons! Everything is out of whack.

– One day it’s hot, the next it’s cold.

– It’s true. You don’t even know how to dress anymore. I can’t wait for summer!

– Yes, although last summer it wasn’t as hot as this. I was in Vendée for the first two weeks of July with my kids and we had horrible weather. It rained the first three days! And the rest of the time when it wasn’t windy it was cloudy.

– How unfortunate. In August I went to the south with my wife. It was the exact opposite. The weather was great during my vacation. Go to the south this summer!

– Well alright! We’re going to go, it’s getting cloudy and I think it’s going to rain.

– Oh, you’re such a pessimist today! They said the weather would be great all day.


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