(situation: Fanny and George are discussing their son Nicolas, whose behavior has changed.)

Fanny : Georges ?

Georges : Yes, what’s up ?

Fanny : You need to speak to Nicolas !

Georges : (sigh) I don’t think it’ll do any good. Nicolas doesn’t want my help. He’s not acting normal at the moment. Do you know what’s going on with him?

Fanny : I think he’s afraid of failing his exam.

Georges : But he’s the best in his class.

Fanny : Maybe, but he isn’t very confident in himself.

Georges : I doubt it’s that. Are you sure he’s not taking drugs ?

Fanny: One can never be certain, but I don’t think that he has a drug problem. I think it’s just that he’s going through a difficult time at the moment. Especially since Julie left.

Georges : Are you kidding or what ? Julie, Vanessa, he changes girlfriends every week !

Fanny : Yeah, but with Julie, it was different! Anyways ! Go see him please.

Georges: Okay, I’ll see what I can do.


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