Situation 1

host : Hello!

friend : Hello, I’m sorry I’m late.

host : Don’t worry about it. Was it easy to find ?

friend : Yes, it was clearly marked. Here, this is for you !

host : Thank you, these flowers are gorgeous !

friend : And that is for Gilles.

host : He’s going to love it ! But you shouldn’t have !

friend : It was my pleasure.

host : Come on in ! It’s over there.

Situation 2

1friend : Good evening. Are you well ?

host : Yes, and you? Come in! Where did you park ?

friend : In the street, around back.

host : You found a spot ? Well then, you were lucky.

friend : Yes, I believe so. Here, This is for you.

host : Don’t be ridiculous! (or) You’re crazy! You shouldn’t have! 

friend : Am I the first one here ? 

host : No, Jacques is already here. Come on in, let’s not stand in the doorway. Make yourself comfortable in the living room. I’ll be right in.

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