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Learn french online freeLearn french online free
Learn french online freeLearn french online free
Learn french online freeLearn french online free
Learn french online freeLearn french online free


150 DIALOGUES : Listening to situations regarding communication in everyday life.

Example : Alimentation

□ dialogue 01 →  à la boulangerie

□ dialogue 02 → à la boulangerie 2/2

□ dialogue 03 →  à la boucherie

□ dialogue 04 →  au marché

□ dialogue 05 →  chez le fromager  1/3

□ dialogue 06→  chez le fromager  2/3

□ dialogue 07→  chez le fromager  3/3

□ dialogue 08→  chez le volailler



[PHONETIQUE] Phonetic exercises and working on your pronunciation.

CULTURE: Listening to passages often accompanied by educational material. The passages are read slowly and at normal speed.

PLACES: [LIEUX] Listening to passages about a town or region related to France and the French-speaking world.

GRAMMAR: [GRAMMAIRE] Grammar exercises. It’s always possible to print an activity so you can handwrite it.

TRANSCRIPTION: [DICTEE] Taking down dictation like in class! Thus, there’s no need to pause.

NUMBERS: [NOMBRES] Learning or brushing up on numbers.

SLANG : [FRANCAIS FAMILIER] knowing some tricks for expressing oneself using French slang.

STORIES: [CONTES] Listening to stories. Each story has been adapted to simple French, sometimes twice. Thus, it is possible to listen

to two versions of certain stories, each of its own respective level.

FRANCOPHONES TALK ABOUT THEMSELVES: [PARLER DE SOI] This category offers two sorts of document. You can find videos of French speakers asked to present themselves. You can also listen to the texts of these presentations read slowly or at normal speed.

VERBS & CONJUGATION : [VERBES] listening, repeating, and memorizing French conjugation.

VIDEO: Watching and reading the scripts of different types of videos (news, advertisements, performances, songs).

VOCABULARY: [VOCABULAIRE] Reinforcing vocabulary using a specific theme (animals, work, public transportation, etc.).

BEGINNERS: [DEBUTANT] Listening and repeating basic phrases and vocabulary.

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