– Hello, what will you need ?

– I’m going to get some tomatoes.

– So, tomatoes, look how beautiful they are !

– I’m giving you how many of them ?

– I need one kilo.

– So, one kilo of tomatoes… One hundred kilo. That will be good ?

– Yes.

– And with this ?

– I would like a good-looking lettuce.

– A good-looking lettuce !

– They’re at how much, your onions ?

– One euro per kilo !

– They’re not expensive.

– Yes, and they’re good!

– So give me one kilo of them. That will be all.

– So, one lettuce, one kilo of onions, one kilo of tomatoes. That gives us… go ! Three euros !

– Here you go.

– Thanks, have a nice day. Come on! One goes there in the onion, one goes there !


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