– Well then, which one are you going to get ?

– I’m not sure yet. I really like the blue one…

– The blue one ? But that won’t go over well with Sylvie.

– You don’t think so ? Hmm, yes, maybe you’re right. Look at this bracelet… It’s not bad, is it ?

– Yes, I really like it… and that one there, what do you think of it ?

– Hmm, I’m not sure that she’ll like that one… It’s hard to choose. I can’t decide…

–  Which ones are you deciding between ?

–  Umm, between the blue bracelet or the red one.

– Well, then you should just get both !

– You’re crazy, she’d be so mad if I got both.

– No, actually, she would be so excited (or « delighted » or « blown away »). Or (« No, actually, she would love it! »)

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