– Hello, is this la route de Carcassonne ?

– Carcassonne ? Well, no, you’re nowhere near there! To get there, you go back to Paris.

– Then where do I go ?

– Well, the most simple way is to go back until the grand intersection and there you’ll go right. There’s no sign, but you shouldn’t miss it.

– Go right at the grand intersection… and after it’s just straight ahead ?

– Yes. You’re going to go 10 kilometers and you’ll run into la Nationale. There’ll be signs.

– I’d like to take the highway.

– Yes, that’s the best way. ..it’s the same way, when you get to la nationale, there will be a sign for the highway.

– Thank you so much.

– You’re welcome !

– Right at the intersection…

– And then it’s straight ahead !

listen the conversation in french !